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Our Culture

What make us unique

Deep technical and industry knowledge

Best products require good management and highly experienced technical experts with in-depth industry knowledge and experience to deliver its outstanding service branding. Our highly experience service and technical experts, excellent in service and management are the reasons our brand partners choose us.

Dedication to motor and yacht industries

We race sports car. Speed, agility and performance are what we craving for. The freedom of speed empowers our passion to provide the best quality and performance motors and yachts to our customers. The brands and products we represent in the regions are the best in the same class.

Building platform for individual development

Dream big, start small. From every single part to every single request from our customers, we strive to deliver the best. Our daily question is always about how to grow our people to the next level ride in our platforms to let them shine. We do believe people is the most valuable assets to our group.