【Grand arrival of KIA All-New Full-Electric Soul EV】

Being the third generation of Soul, and the third globally-sold electric car, the design of Soul EV has become more distinctive, dynamic and innovative than ever. Since the Soul's inception, music has been the key element of its design. Staying true to its boxy origins, Soul EV highlights the most futuristic, youthful and innovative iteration. All-New Soul EV offers 2 drive-range models, together provides 3 versions to meet different needs of the market. It can travel up to 452 km on a single charge. Chargingfrom 0% to 80% capacity in just 54 minutes from a fast-charger, Soul EV executes Permanent Magnet AC Synchronous Motor, to deliver a max. output of 204ps, max. torque of 395 Nm, and achieves zero CO2 emissions at the same time. Soul EV is available in 16-colour combinations – a choice of 9 single-tone and 7 two-tone combinations. Current stocks of Soul EV+ Platinum (Two-tone & Sunroof) are available now.

KIA Soul EV Pop-up showroom: Shop A, G/F., Harcourt House, 39 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10:00am - 7:30pm Book a test drive: Sales enquiries: 2760 9933

【全新一代電動Soul EV 載譽到港,並於今日正式進駐KIA Soul EV Pop-up陳列室】

作為KIA Soul的第三代及KIA全球發佈的第三款全電動車型,全新Soul EV設計更具特色、充滿活力及創新性。自Soul誕生至今,音樂一直都係佢嘅設計靈魂。沿用「盒」型設計,更突顯出Soul EV嘅前衛、年輕及創新嘅個性。全新Soul EV備有兩款續航力型號,共提供3個版本 (Soul EV,Soul EV+ Platinum雙色版 及Soul EV+ Platinum天窗版) 以迎合不同需要。每次充電後,可行駛長達452公里,快速充電至80%電量只需54分鐘。Soul EV配置永磁交流同步馬達,輸出最大馬力達204匹,峰值扭力為395牛頓米,同時達致零碳排放量,備有16種車身顏色配搭,包括9款單色及7款雙色。Soul EV+ Platinum (雙色及天窗版) 現貨經已抵港。

KIA Soul EV Pop-up陳列室: 灣仔告士打道39號夏愨大廈地下A 鋪 營業時間: 星期一至日,上午10時至下午7時30分 預約試駕: 銷售查詢: 2760 9933