Kam Lung first reveals its Fairline yachts at Shenzhen

Being the official South China dealer of Fairline, Kam Lung Motor Group presented the British luxury yachts Squadron 53 and Squadron 65 at the Shenzhen Bay Yacht Club Event 2019.

The Squadron 53 has been nominated for the Best Driving Layer (under 55 foot yacht group) at the 2019 Asian Yacht Awards. Its striking design offers passengers unique sailing experience. The Squadron 65 reflects the elegance and luxury of the brand. The spacious and fully equipped interior and in-flight settings create an incomparable and luxurious experience.

The Group also showcased the Bentley New Mulsanne EWB and the Aston Martin DBS, offering visitors an impressive journey.

作為英國豪華遊艇制造商 Fairline 南中國總代理,Fairline Yachts South China 參展了 2019 深圳灣遊艇會展會活動,展出了Squadron 豪華遊艇系列 — Squadron 53 及Squadron 65。

Squadron 53 於今年獲亞洲遊艇大獎提名為最佳駕駛層(55 呎以下遊艇組別),其外觀設計獨特,同時為乘客帶來與別不同的體驗。Squadron 65 則延續了品牌優雅的特點,寬闊的空間配以齊全的設備,精美的內飾與船內設置帶來便捷且奢華的享受。

集團同時展出旗下兩大豪華汽車品牌車型 — 賓利全新 Mulsanne 長軸距版及阿斯頓‧馬丁 DBS,為展會帶來海上及陸路上最值得深度鑒賞的精品。