The all-new Bentley Flying Spur Technology

The all-new Bentley Flying Spur blends the best of cutting-edge technology and modern craftsmanship to create the most luxury four-door Grand Tourer.

The new Flying Spur integrated the digital technology throughout a Bentley’s interior which connected with smartphones, view 3D digital mapping, summon up music, movies (for the passengers) and control the cabin ambience at the touch of a finger all comes from pixels and microprocessors. One of its latest digital design innovations is the new dim screen mode, when a bare minimum of information is displayed according to driver’s preference.

Its five-inch multi-functional Touch Screen Remote (TSR) on the other hand connects rear seat passengers with in-car features. Passengers get full control of rear seat and air conditioning functions, cabin lighting, sunroof, windows, the Naim for Bentley audio system and even the Flying B mascot. The TSR also shows driver information, including current speed, journey information, outside temperature and navigation interface, redefining precision control over passenger comfort.

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賓利全新 Flying Spur 融合科技與工藝,新增多種創新設計,打造超豪華座駕。

車廂顯示設備完美地融合數碼科技,與智能手機無縫接軌,更設有 3D 數碼地圖,駕駛者只需輕觸電子屏幕即可控制音樂﹑電影 (只限乘客) 及車廂環境。而暗屏模式亦是創新設計之一,當駕駛者無需使用導航或信息娛樂功能時,能選擇顯示有限度的資訊。

後座亦增設了 5 寸多功能輕觸電子屏幕,乘客除可調校座椅及兩側的冷氣功能,亦可按喜好調節燈光、天窗、窗戶、Naim 音響系統及引擎蓋上 "Flying B" 徽章的升降。觸控屏幕同時顯示各種行車資訊,包括行車速度、行程信息、車外溫度及導航界面,讓後座乘客隨心掌控座駕。

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